In Mega Journal of Case Reports a case report on ProstaLund’s CoreFlow Soft Stent has been published.

Dr. Sonny Schelin has got a case report, ”CoreFlow Soft Stent® used as a Persistent Catheter Substitute for 11 Months Waiting for Surgery: Spontaneous Micturition and Full Continence” published in the journal Mega Journal of Case Reports.

The report describes a patient with urinary retention, caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia, who, while waiting for surgical treatment during the pandemic years, used 11 CoreFlow instead of indwelling urinary catheters.

With the help of CoreFlow, the patient was symptom-free, satisfied and emptied the bladder spontaneously for almost a year with the help of the stents that remedied the obstruction through the prostate. Not a single episode of urinary retention or urinary tract infection was recorded during the stent period.

Schelin concludes in the report that CoreFlow can eliminate the discomfort of indwelling catheters and reduce the risk of urinary tract infections for patients waiting for active treatment.

“CoreFlow is a fantastic alternative to all men with urinary retention who want to avoid an indwelling catheter. I am happy together with every patient who is given this opportunity.”, says CEO Johan Wennerholm in a comment.